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Only GACDL members may join our Listserver (note that student members are not eligible). 

*Members, if you do NOT put your first and last names on your request to join, your request will be rejected. Please write your name in the comments section. GACDL has to verify your membership, and to do that, we have to know who is making the request. 

Due to a change at Yahoo Groups, GACDL can no longer add you to the Listserver. Members need to subscribe using the instructions below. 

Please note: GACDL's Listserver is quite active. Subscribers will receive a lot of emails from the Listserver. If you do not want that, set your Listserver mail delivery to "Daily Digest" (instructions for setting your mail delivery are below). Then you will typically receive 1-2 emails from the Listserver each day with all of the messages bundled within. 

IMPORTANT: If you wish to read or search the GACDL Listserver online, you must subscribe to it using a Yahoo email address. If you subscribe with an email address that is not a Yahoo email address, or use an email address not associated with a Yahoo account, you will not be able to log in to the Listserver online.

If you prefer to join the group by using a non-Yahoo email address, you will be able to send and receive email messages to the group, but you will not be able to go online and read or search the Listserver, change your email address, change your settings, or do any other function that requires you to log in to Yahoo Groups.

If you already have your preferred email associated with a Yahoo account, you can simply consolidate the accounts using the "membership wizard" ( First, select "all my groups" on the left side of the Yahoo Groups page, then select the "membership wizard" on the right side of the page. The instructions for associating an email with a Yahoo account can be found here. If you need assistance, please call the office at (404) 248-1777 

SUBSCRIBING: Click this link to subscribe to the GACDL/Yahoogroups Listserver: SUBSCRIBE or simply send an email to gacdl-subscribe@yahoogroups.comBE SURE to identify yourself by first and last name in the comment section that asks you "Tell the group about yourself" so that our volunteer may approve your request to join the group. It can take up to seven business days for our volunteer to approve your request to join. If you type a long message to us, it cuts off and we won't see your name. Write your name only please. 

Again, f you fail to identify yourself by first and last name in your request to join this Listserver, we will not know who you are and YOUR REQUEST TO JOIN WILL BE DENIED. If your request is denied, please follow these instructions again, including your first and last name in the comment section. 

Click on this link to unsubscribe from the Listserver: UNSUBSCRIBE or simply send a blank email to

Again, GETTING TOO MANY E-mails? Instead of unsubscribing, set your mail deliver to "Daily Digest" (Instructions below.) You'll be glad you did! 

Once per year, GACDL removes folks from the Listserver for non-payment of dues. If you miss the dues deadline and are removed from the Listserver, you may still re-join GACDL. You will need to follow the instructions above to re-apply for the Listserver again. Then you must wait to be approved. It is preferable to remain a member of the Listserver, if at all possible.  No matter when you paid dues, all dues are payable December 1 each year. 

Listserver Policy:

GACDL Listserver Policy: 

1) Membership: The members of the Listserver shall consist of members of the GACDL. In extraordinary cases, non-GACDL members shall be included on a case by case basis as approved by the executive committee of the Board of Directors. 

2) Permitted Discussions: The GACDL Listserver is a resource solely for questions and answers pertaining to the practice of, or discussions about, criminal defense, and announcements by the GACDL staff to its members. 

Questions about non-criminal defense law practice are allowed, and considered off-topic. These questions may be posted to the Listserver with a subject line beginning with OT (off-topic). All replies to these off-topic posts must be sent directly to the originator of the message thread, and not to the entire Listserver. Please be sure to reply to off-topic posts by choosing "reply," rather than "reply all."

Topics unrelated to the practice of law are prohibited. 

3) Forwarding/Dissemination of Messages: In order to protect the integrity of the Listserver and its members, no messages may be disseminated to anyone outside of GACDL without express permission of all authors. 

4) Personal Affronts: GACDL honors all members equally. The use of personal insults, scornful language, or ridicule in addressing or describing any member or group of members of the Association will not be tolerated on the GACDL Listserver. 

5) Signatures: Each Listserver message shall be signed with at least the first and last names of the author. An email signature providing contact information for the author is preferred. 

Members who violate this policy causing complaints to the GACDL are subject to immediate moderation by a Listserver administrator, and will remain on moderation while the issue is under review. 

The Listserver Committee and the Executive Director shall review the actions and complaints. The Listserver Committee shall vote on whether a violation has occurred, and decide upon any necessary sanctions. Violators may be subject to further sanctions by the Executive Committee or the full Board of Directors of the GACDL. 

By joining the GACDL Listserver you agree to abide by these rules. If you have questions about this policy, please contact Jill Travis at 404-248-1777 or If you do not agree with the rules, please do not participate in the GACDL Listserver. 

Please note that this GACDL Listserver Policy is emailed directly to all subscribers on the GACDL Listserver on the first day of every month as a reminder of the Listserver Policy. 


* * * * * * * * * *

Too many messages?  Change message delivery to “Daily Digest” and get 1-2 messages per day.

When first subscribed to the GACDL listserver, subscribers’ message delivery is set to “Individual Emails”.  Occasionally, subscribers wish to reduce the number of messages received each day (the average is around 30).  The “Daily Digest” setting bundles messages together in packages of up to 25, so subscribers typically will get only 1-2 bundled messages per day.  The quickest way to do this is to send a blank email to  Alternatively, follow these instructions:

1.  Log in to Yahoo using your Yahoo ID.  (

2.  Below the image, on the right hand side of the screen, look for the word “Membership” and         click on the down arrow to the right of the word.

3.  Select “Edit Membership” at the bottom of the pull-down list that appears.

4.  Look under the section marked “Subscription” and click on the pencil icon just to the right of       the word.  (A pop-up “Edit Settings” appears as you mouse over the pencil icon)

5.  Change your message delivery to “Daily Digest”.

6.  Click “Save”.

Going on vacation and returning from vacation?

Changing GACDL listserver message delivery prior to a vacation is simple.  Should you wish to set an “auto-reply” message on your email account, please ensure that you temporarily suspend GACDL listserver email or every GACDL listserver message will trigger your automatic reply! 

1.  Log in to Yahoo using your Yahoo ID.  (

2.  Below the image, on the right hand side of the screen, look for the word “Membership” and         click on the down arrow to the right of the word.

3.  Select “Edit Membership” at the bottom of the pull-down list that appears.

4.  Look under the section marked “Subscription” and click on the pencil icon just to the right of       the word.  (A pop-up “Edit Settings” appears as you mouse over the pencil icon)

5.  Change your message delivery to “Special Notices”.  (note that we discourage the use of the       "No Email” setting, since this prevents the listserver administrators from reaching members in the very rare occasions when an urgent message is required)

6.  Click “Save”.

When you return from vacation, you can restore message delivery by sending a blank email to for Individual Messages, or to for Daily Digest.  Alternatively, simply follow the steps above and at step 5, restore your message delivery to either "Individual Emails" or "Daily Digest".

Changing your email address/adjusting email address for GACDL listserver messages?

From time to time, all of us change our email addresses.  Since Yahoo!Groups & the GACDL listserver know you by your email address, you will stop receiving mail if your “old” email address is cancelled.  In order to continue receiving GACDL listserver mail, YOU must notify Yahoo!Groups of your “new” email address (Yahoo!Groups does not allow for this to be done by the listserver administrators).

1.  Log in to Yahoo using your Yahoo ID.  ( (If you don't already have a Yahoo account that is associated with the GACDL listserver, please call the office for assistance. 404-248-1777). 

2.  Hoover over the cog icon on the top right of the screen. Click on "Account Info."

3.  Click on "Account security."

4.  Yahoo will now display any phone number or email addresses associated with your account. Under the heading "Email addresses" select "Add recovery email address" (Please note that if you already have more than one email address associated with your Yahoo account you will need to select "+1 more" prior to being able to select "Add recovery email address.")

5.  Enter the new email address and click "send verification email." 

6. Go to the email account that you just entered. Look for an email from Yahoo with the reference line "please verify your alternate email address." Open the email and click on the link. (Note: You will not receive the verification email if you have the email account set to forward messages.)     

7. You will be re-directed to Yahoo. Click "verify." If you have successfully added the email account, you will receive a congratulations message on the screen.  

8. Click "Yahoo!" on the top left of the congratulatory page. 

9. Click "groups" at the top of the page. 

10. Select "gacdl" on the left side of the page. 

11. Below the picture click "membership" and then "edit membership."

12. Next to Identity select the pencil. 

13. Under email addresses select the new email address and click save. 

Posting messages to the GACDL listserver (via email and online)

Posting messages to the GACDL listserver is simple.  You can either send an email to (be certain to send the message from an email account subscribed to the GACDL listserver and include a specific subject line that relates to the message content) or you can visit the GACDL listserver website to post a message.

1.  Log in to Yahoo using your Yahoo ID. (

     2.  Below the image, on the left hand side of the screen click on the word “Conversations”.

     3.  Just below the line with the word “Conversations” and on the right hand side of the screen, look for the purple rectangle with a pencil in a box icon and the words “New Topic”.  Click on it.

     4.  A new message posting begins.  Be certain to include a short subject line along with your           message.  Finally, please include your name and email address so that other GACDL members know who posted the message and how to reach you.

     5.  When finished, click on the purple “Send” box at the bottom of the screen.

Not receiving GACDL listserver messages?  Learn about “Bouncing” messages!

If you believe you are a subscriber to the GACDL listserver but haven’t received mail in a while, one of two things may have happened.  You may have changed your email delivery to No Mail or Special Notices only, or your email from the GACDL listserver may have “bounced” (not been received properly) causing Yahoo!Groups to temporarily disable your account.

Messages can be returned for several reasons:

  • Your mailbox may be full -- try deleting messages from your Inbox and consider using “Daily Digest” rather than “Individual Emails” to reduce the number of messages received and clogging your inbox.
  • Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may have a backlog of email to process -- contact your ISP to see if they’re experiencing a delay or other technical issues.
  • Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may be blocking email from Yahoo!Groups -- contact your ISP asking them to “white list” (allow) email with in the "Sender" field. 

In many cases, Yahoo!Groups can automatically reactivate your account once the delivery problem is solved. However, in some cases you will need to manually reactivate your account:

  1. Log in to Yahoo using your Yahoo ID. (
  2.  On the left hand side of the screen, below any Yahoo!Groups to which you are subscribed, click on "All My Groups".
  3. Near the top center of the screen, click on "Email Preferences".
  4. Under the "Bounce History" heading, click on "Show History".
  5. The "Bounce History" screen will appear, indicating the number of bounced email messages.  Click on the purple "Send Reactivation Request" box.
  6. Click "Close".      

Note for CJA (federal appointments under the “Criminal Justice Act”) or PD (“public defender”) subscribers:

To administer your subscription to the CJA or PD list, substitute the following wherever the notes above indicate the Yahoo!Group called gacdl

· For the CJA list, use gacdlcja, examples:  the site would be and the address to post messages would be

· For the PD list, use gacdlpd, examples:  the site would be and the address to post messages would be

If you have a question not answered here, please email Listserver Administrator Mike Shapiro or call the office at 

(404) 248-1777

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