GACDL FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)


1)      I am a member of the public looking for an attorney. Can you help?

Answer:  Click here: Lawyer Search. You can search by city or town to find contact information for members of the association.


                                                PASSWORD AND LISTSERVER

1)      How do I get into the members only section (MOS) of this website?

Answer: Create your own log in. Instructions are located on the main page under "help." Once you log in, the members only section will appear for you. 

2)       Please sign me up for the listserver!

Answer: Please click on the link "Listserver" above and follow the simple instructions. You must sign up from your own computer. Yahoogroups will no longer let us add anyone. If you have questions about the sign up instructions please let us know. 

3)      Ok, I signed up for the Listserver today and I’m still not getting any mail.

Answer: It can take a few days for you to be approved to the group. Approvals are typically done once a week by our volunteer webmaster. Please contact Mike Shapiro if you are not approved within one week. 

4)      May I advertise my event on the GACDL Listserver?

Answer: Please check with the office by calling 404-248-1777. 


5)      What is your contact information:

Answer: Our contact information can be found here

6)      When is the office open?

Answer: Normal hours are Monday- Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm EST. GACDL is closed on holidays, personal days, and vacation days. The office is closed the day before seminars so that the staff can travel/set up. We are normally closed to phone calls and emails on the Monday after seminars.

7)  I called the office during normal office hours and no one answered the phone!

Answer: We are on the other lines assisting other members or we have gone to lunch or to run errands. Please leave a message with your phone number (if you repeat it twice, we’ll be sure to get it) and someone will get back with you as soon as possible.


 8)  I’m not receiving my newsletter or other mail from GACDL!

Answer: Our newsletters are now sent out electronically through our website. Be sure that your email address is correct on this website by checking our "Lawyers Search." 

Please be sure that you update GACDL any time that you move or change your email address. We want to be sure that you receive your mailings in a timely manner. Sometimes updates come in to the office after mail has been sent out. You should receive the next mailing after you update us without issues.

9)  How do I update my mailing address?

Answer: Either log in to edit your own profile, or send an e-mail with your updated contact information: Brandie Martinez Bedard.  


10)  Have I paid my dues this year?

Answer: Click here: Lawyer Search. Search for your last name. If you do not appear, we have not received your dues. If there is a problem please give us a call at 404-248-1777.

11)  I do some/mostly court appointed work. Can I pay the PD rate for dues and seminars?

Answer: Most of our regular, contributing, sustaining, and life members do some kind of court appointed work. The PD rate is offered to full time federal, state, and county employed public defenders and investigators in those offices.

12)  How much are dues this year?

Answer: You can find a dues invoice here. New member applications can be found here

To learn more about the benefits of each level of membership see the dues invoice above or click here

13)  Do you accept credit cards?

Answer: Yes. If you pay for your dues and seminars through the website, it accepts all credit cards. 

GACDL can also accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover for most purchases of $60 or more with our credit card form, which is located here

14)  May I have a discount on my dues?

Answer: GACDL has among the lowest dues rate in the country for a criminal defense lawyers association. It costs more per person to run the association than we charge each member for dues. Fortunately we have members who join at the contributing and sustaining rates who help subsidize the costs for others. We appreciate your support.

15)  How long do GACDL dues last?

Answer: GACDL is on a calendar year. The dues year begins December 1 and goes through November 30 each year.

16)  I received a dues notice in the mail and I think I already paid.

Answer: The invoice may have crossed the dues payment in the mail. Or we may have made a mistake. Please give us a call at the office so that we can take care of this for you: 404-248-1777.

 17)  I received a dues notice and I’m a life member!

Answer: GACDL sends you the first dues invoice so that you may see the ballot of officers and annual meeting announcement. Please disregard the dues invoice portion. We will mark you paid for the year every year.

18)  I’m joining in June. May I have a discount?

Answer: NEW members who join after May 30 may have a $50 discount off of their second year’s dues. This does not apply to the New Attorney or Public Defender rate. 

19)  How long does the “new to the bar” discount last?

Answer: Attorneys may pay the “new to the bar” rate for the first two years that they have been members of the bar.


20)  How can I register for a GACDL seminar?

Answer: Log in as a member and then register. It's as simple as that. If you do not log in, the website will not know to offer you the member rates. Help can be found here.  

21)  I don’t see a seminar registration form for the seminar I wish to attend.

Answer: If it is not on the website, it is not available yet. The seminar director and the GACDL Educational Services Committee are still putting together the program. As soon as it is available it will be posted online. 

22)  Does GACDL accept walk-ins at your seminars?

Answer: For most event venues the answer is YES! Seminars at the state bar building auditorium can get full, so be sure to register in advance for those.  People who pre-register for our seminars are emailed materials in advance of the seminar. They are guaranteed food and seating.

23)  May I come to the seminar events for free and just hang out? I do not need the CLE and I will not be coming to the seminar. I want to network.

Answer: The seminar registration fees pay for the events. It costs the association money to book space for the event, order food, and pay the staff. If you do not need the CLE and wish to come to the seminar events, simply choose the "no CLE" rate on the seminar form. 

24)  May I bring my wife (husband, partner, boyfriend, significant other) to a GACDL cocktail party?

If you registered and paid for the seminar, yes. Please feel free to bring your guest.

                                          THE EDUCATION FOUNDATION

25)  I would like to make a tax deductible donation to the Georgia Criminal Defense Lawyers Education Foundation (GCDLEF.) How can I do that?

Answer: There is a form on line here with more information.

Please make checks payable to GCDLEF and mail them to the GACDL office:

   P.O. Box 68

Decatur, GA 30031 

                                           MATERIALS FOR SALE

26)  How can I get a copy of Doug Peters’ manual?

Answer: You must be a dues current member of GACDL. Once we receive payment for the book we will mail it to you. Please find instructions here

27)  I’d like to order some GACDL merchandise. How can I do that?

Answer: You can order GACDL merchandise online here, or come to our seminars! We have new merchandise for sale at each event. 


Answer: Call the GACDL office at 404-248-1777. 

Thank you for being a member!

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