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The Bill Daniel Scholarship

The Bill Daniel Scholarship was created in 1999 and now allows 30 criminal defense lawyers to attend a trial advocacy program sponsored by GACDL and held in the fall. This is a four day program designed for criminal defense lawyers with little trial experience. The program was organized by Tony Cueto, a New York criminal defense lawyer and charter member of GACDL. Many fellow GACDL members serve as faculty members for this program. 

Now known as the GACDL Bill Daniel Trial Advocacy Program, this course is named after GACDL founding member William W. “Bill” Daniel whose vision launched GACDL by holding a breakfast meeting at the cafeteria of the First National Bank Building in downtown Atlanta in about 1971. Daniel’s vision for a collegial group of criminal defense lawyers has ultimately grown into our current organization with over 1,800 members.

Daniel later served as Fulton County Superior Court Judge and began publishing Criminal Trial Practice, an essential criminal law reference book which, as Jack Martin once observed, is the “Old Testament”, while Georgia Criminal Law Case Finder, the work of fellow GACDL member, Don Samuel, serves as the “New Testament”. Contributions to the GACDL Bill Daniel Trial Advocacy Program also improve the quality of criminal defense in Georgia, while honoring the name of GACDL founder, Bill Daniel. About 500 scholarships have thus far been awarded to this program. 

All contributions to the Bill Daniel Scholarship are fully tax deductible. To donate click here and select the Bill Daniel Scholarship on the donation form.

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