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27 June 2022

GACDL’s press release commending the passage of HB 478 by the Georgia General Assembly can be found HERE.

28 April 2022

GACDL’s letter to the State Bar of Georgia President commenting on the proposed revision of Disciplinary Rules 7.1, 7.2, and 7.3 can be found HERE.

15 March 2022

GACDL’s endorsement of the creation of a Defender Office in the US District Court for the Southern District of Georgia can be found HERE.

22 November 2021

GACDL’s letter to Senator Richard Durbin (Chairman of the Committee on Judiciary) and Senator Charles Grassley (Ranking Member) regarding the Judicial nominations of Victoria Calvert and Sarah Geraghty to the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia. 

Read the letters  HERE.

4 October 2021

GACDL’s letter to GPDC Director Alli regarding funding ancillary services in pro bono cases in the wake of Duke can be found HERE.

29 September 2021

GACDL strongly opposes mandatory Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) for Georgia Lawyers and opposes any requirement for public disclosure of a State Bar of Georgia member’s PLI status. 

Read GACDL’s letter to members of the State Bar of Georgia’s Board of Governors HERE.

8 June 2021

GACDL joins NACDL in condemning the Georgia Election Integrity Act of 2021.

 Read the statement HERE

24 March 2021

GACDL joins 33 organizations in opposing SB 115.  Read the letter HERE

9 March 2021

Read GACDL's second letter to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp regarding vaccine prioritization of criminal defense lawyers HERE

4 March 2021

As criminal jury trials resume, GACDL asks Chief Justice Harold D. Melton to prioritize cases with speedy trial demands and cases where the person who is accused is being held in jail.  Read the letter HERE.  

2 February 2021

GACDL joins the Southern Poverty Law Center and other regional, state, and local organizations working in Georgia in asking the Atlanta ICE Field Offices to comply with the new enforcement priorities announced by the Biden administration.  Read the letter HERE.  

21 January 2021

Read GACDL's letter to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp regarding vaccine prioritization of criminal defense lawyers HERE

28 June 2020

GACDL stands with our Public Defenders and asks Governor Kemp to exercise his constitutionally provided line item veto power to strike line 3624 from HB 793 to ensure funding for the constitutionally significant work of the Georgia Public Defender Council.  Read the letter HERE  

21 June 2020

GACDL stands with our Public Defenders and hopes to help with their budget cuts.  GACDL's 2020 President, Lawrence Zimmerman, penned a letter to the Appropriation chairmen regarding proposed cuts to GPDC and the Appellate Division.  Read the letter HERE  

19 June 2020

Read GACDL's Statement on the Black Lives Matter Movement and the Need for Change HERE.  

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