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GACDL FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)


I am a member of the public looking for an attorney. Can you help?

Answer:  Click here: Lawyer Search

You can search by city or town to find contact information for members of the association.     



How do I get into the members only section (MOS) of this website?

Answer: Click on the blue person icon in the top right corner of the GACDL Homepage and use your email address and password to log in.

Once you log in, the Members-Only section will appear on the menu spanning the top of the page, but you may have to hover over the three dots on the far right side of the page to navigate to the Members-Only section.  

Forgot your email address?  Check your listing under Lawyer Search.

Forgot your password?  Click "forgot password."  

More instructions are located under help.

Please sign me up for the listserv!

Answer:  Please look here under Listserv and follow the simple instructions.  

I signed up for the Listserv today and I’m still not getting any mail.

Answer:  Approvals are typically done once a week by our volunteer listserv moderator.  Please contact Mike Shapiro if you are not approved within one week. 

May I advertise my CLE event on the GACDL Listserv?

Answer:  Please see the full GACDL Listserv Policy here

The relevant portion of the policy is below. If you have any questions, please contact Ophelia.

2) Permitted Discussions: The GACDL Listserv is a resource solely for questions and answers pertaining to the practice of, or discussions about, criminal defense, and announcements by the GACDL staff to its members; provided, however, that members seeking political office may post a message announcing their own candidacy and members can acknowledge a GACDL candidate’s election results. Recognizing that members come from diverse backgrounds and have a wide variety of political beliefs, posting messages of support for political candidates for any office or any party is not permitted.

Questions about non-criminal defense law practice are allowed, but are considered off-topic. These questions may be posted to the Listserv with a subject line beginning with OT (off-topic). All replies to these off-topic posts must be sent directly to the originator of the message thread, and not to the entire Listserv. Please be sure to reply to off-topic posts by choosing "reply," rather than "reply all."

Topics unrelated to the practice of law are prohibited.


What is GACDL's contact information?

Answer: GACDL's contact information can be found here

When is the GACDL office open?


Normal hours are Monday- Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm EST. 

GACDL is closed on state holidays.

The GACDL office is closed the day before and the day after each seminars or training program. 

I called the office during normal office hours, why didn't anyone answer the phone?

Answer:  We were either on the other lines assisting other members or away from our desks.  Please leave a message with

your phone number and someone will get back with you as soon as possible. 


Why am I not receiving my newsletter or other mail from GACDL?

Answer: Our newsletters are sent electronically through our website.  Be sure your email address is correct on this website by checking our Lawyers Search.  If you unsubscribe from GACDL emails, you will NOT receive your newsletters or GACDL seminar materials.  Please stay subscribed. 

Please be sure that you update GACDL any time that you move or change your email address.  You can log in to edit your profile or email Ophelia Attah with any updates. 

How do I update my mailing address?

Answer:  Either log into the GACDL website and edit your profile, or send an e-mail with your updated contact information to Ophelia Attah


Have I paid my dues this year?

Answer:  Check under Lawyer Search.  Search for your last name. If your name does not appear, we have not received your dues.  Please give us a call at 404-248-1777 with any questions.

I do some/mostly court appointed work.  Can I pay the PD rate for dues and seminars?

Answer:  Most of our regular, contributing, sustaining, and life members do some kind of court appointed work.  The PD rate is offered to full-time government employed public defenders and investigators (circuit, county, city, or federal), as well as full-time employees of nonprofit organizations.  

How much are dues this year?

Answer:  You can find a dues details here.

New member applications can be found here

To learn more about the benefits of each level of membership see the dues invoice above or click here

How do I stop my GACDL membership from automatically renewing?

Answer: Beginning with your online FY 2023 dues payment, GACDL activated automatic, annual membership renewal at the prior year's membership level. 

You may cancel the recurring payment feature by:

(1) logging into the website (instructions above);

(2) clicking on "view profile;" and

(3) clicking on the "stop recurring payments" button.

You may also contact the GACDL office to cancel this feature. 

     Do you accept credit cards?

Answer: Yes. You can pay for your dues, seminars, and merchandise through the website using any credit card.  You can also use a credit card at seminars.   

GACDL accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover for most purchases. 

Click here for the GACDL credit card form.  Please email Ophelia Attah or fax the completed form.

A small convenience and handling fee is added to all credit card purchases. 

May I have a discount on my dues?

Answer:  GACDL has among the lowest dues rates in the country for a criminal defense lawyers association.  It costs more per person to run the association than we charge each member for dues.  Fortunately we have members who join at the contributing and sustaining rates who help subsidize the costs for others.  We appreciate your support.

What is GACDL's membership term?

Answer:  GACDL's fiscal year begins December 1 and ends November 30 each year.

I received a dues notice in the mail and I think I already paid...did I?

Answer:  The invoice may have crossed the dues payment in the mail, or we may have made a mistake.  Please give us a call at (404) 248-1777.

How long does the “new to the bar” discount last?

Answer:  Attorneys may pay the “new to the bar” rate for the first two years that they have been members of the bar.


How can I register for a GACDL seminar?

Answer:  Log in as a member and then register. If you do not log in, the website will not know to offer you the member rates.  Help can be found here.  

I don’t see a seminar registration form for the seminar I wish to attend.

Answer:  If the seminar is not on the website, registration is not available yet.  The seminar directors and the GACDL Educational Services Committee are still putting together the program.  As soon as a seminar is available for registration it will be posted online. 

Does GACDL accept walk-ins at your seminars?

Answer:  For most events the answer is YES!  

May I come to the seminar events for free and just hang out? I do not need the CLE and I will not be coming to the seminar. I want to network.

Answer: The seminar registration fees pay for the events. GACDL budgets to rent space and provide food for event attendees. If you do not need the CLE and wish to come to the seminar events, simply choose the "no CLE" rate on the seminar form. 

May I bring my significant other to a GACDL cocktail reception?

Answer: If you registered and paid for the seminar, yes.  Please feel free to bring your guest.

May I bring my spouse, significant other, child, secretary, paralegal, investigator, etc. into the seminar?

Answer: Only paid registrants may attend the CLE portion of the seminars.  Please contact the office if you need more information.


I would like to make a tax deductible donation to the Georgia Criminal Defense Lawyers Education Foundation (GCDLEF). How can I do that?

Answer: You can make a donation online here, or mail the form here

Please make checks payable to GCDLEF and mail them to the GACDL office:

215 Church St.,

Suite 111

Decatur, GA 30030


How can I buy a Don Samuel 4th Amendment Book?

Answer: Visit the GACDL website or follow this link

How can I buy a copy of Doug Peters’ manual?

Answer:  You must be a dues current member of GACDL.

Please find instructions here (note that you must be logged in to view this page).  

I’d like to order GACDL merchandise.  How can I do that?

Answer: You can order GACDL merchandise online here (note that you must be logged in to view this page), or come to our seminars!

To Log In: Click on the blue person icon in the top right corner of the GACDL Homepage and use your email address and password to log in.

Forgot your email address?  Check your listing under Lawyer Search.

Forgot your password?  Click "forgot password."

More instructions are located under help.


How do I join the GACDL Facebook group?

Answer: Request to join by clicking here

Is GACDL on Twitter?

Answer: Yes! Please follow us


Answer:  Call the GACDL office at (404) 248-1777. 

Thank you for being a member!

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